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In order to foster the art of music, and in the “greater Dublin Area” in particular, The Dublin Singers, annually award a Music Student Scholarship. The recipient must be a high school senior that has declared a music major and lives in the greater Dublin area. The scholarship recipient is deemed a deserving candidate by completing and submitting the formal application and attending an interview with The Dublin Singers Scholarship Selection Committee.

This annual scholarship is supported through donations to The Dublin Singers.

Congratulations to the 2022    Music Student Scholarship winner, Audrey Cook!


The Dublin Singers are proud to announce Audrey Cook of Jerome High School as our 2022 music scholarship winner.

Each year, the Dublin Singers awards a scholarship to a local high school senior who plans to attend college and begin a career in music. This year scholarship is for $500.

Audrey hopes to become a music teacher. She will attend Indiana University, where she plans to earn her BME in organ. Audrey plays the pipe organ for her church, sings in the choir and plays the handbells.

At Jerome, Audrey sings in the choir and plays piano for the jazz band.

She said a career in education is something that runs in her family. She said she comes from generations of teachers.

“My music has been a source of my passion, and combining it with my love for children is the next part of my journey,” she said.

Congratulations Audrey, we know you will go on to do amazing things.

Congratulations to the 2021  Music Student Scholarship winner, Ian Bunt!

The Dublin Singers are proud to announce our 2021 Scholarship winner. Congrats to Ian Bunt of Dublin Coffman High School. He will receive a $1,000 scholarship. Ian will attend CCM at the University of Cincinnati where he will study music education. This talented clarinet player plans to be a high school band director.

"I know that I have a passion for music, and I want to share it with others as much as I can," he said. "I realized after not being able to have the ability to make music with others during the COVID-19 pandemic, I enjoy making music with others, sharing music with others, and being generally passionate about music much more than I previously thought."

Music has been a part of Ian's life since age 6, when he started piano lessons. He was introduced to the clarinet in the sixth grade.

"The more I thought about what I was waking up in the morning for, I realized time and time again that music is the one pastime that I always find the motivation to d," Ian said. "Music is the one of very few things I feel comfortable sharing with others, and I know that I can thrive teaching others music."

Ian credits his music teachers for helping shape his career path. He wants to carry that on by teaching.

"Music is my passion, and I can think of no better way to live than sharing my passion for music with others," he said.

Congratulations Ian! And thank you to all of our generous donors who make this year's scholarship possible!

Past Scholarship Winners

2020 - Lauren Klosterman, Dublin Coffman High School 

2019 – Sophia Longo, Dublin Coffman High School

2018 – Hannah Duff, Dublin Coffman High School

2017 – Casey Cox, Dublin Jerome High School

2016 – Hannah Sargent, Dublin Scioto High School

2015 – Jackie Burns, Hilliard Darby High School

2014 – Michael Robinson, Dublin Jerome High School

2013 – Nicholas Swanson, Dublin Coffman High School

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